Welcome to NOECA's Web Conference service, you may login by using the login box on the right, please select your meeting, fill in your "Organization - Name" in the name box and then fill in the password given to you by the web conference presenter. Once logged in, if you would like to hear the webinar please follow the onscreen instructions to join the audio, unless you are presenter please mute your microphone.

Web Conference System Requirements

Users need to be running a web browser with Flash 11.1. To check the version of flash visit Adobe's Flash Version Check page.

As of Mac OS X 10.6, Apple stopped updating Flash. If a Mac user is running an out-of-date version of Flash (BigBlueButton will check the version of flash), they can upgrade by visiting the get Flash player page at Adobe. Download Flash

To run the desktop sharing the presenter (and only the presenter) needs to have a Java runtime. You can test that Java is installed by visiting Java Test Page (there are download links on this page if you need to install Java). Download Java

Conference Software by the BigBlueButton.org open source project.